Zeus, rules as the king of gods of Mount Olympus. Before Zeus, however, his father, Kronos ruled over the titans. After eating every child to ensure he would not be killed by any of his children, his wife Rhea gave him a stone to eat instead of Zeus. She then hid Zeus inside of a cave who was then raised by a goat. After becoming an adult Zeus put a potion inside of Kronos’ wine which caused him to vomit up all of the devoured brothers, and sisters. Zeus then raised a rebellion against Kronos and all titans imprisoning all of them in Tartarus. This is how Zeus took the role of the king of gods!


It was both Zeus, and Athena who planned out the last victory of the Greek Pantheon. They purposely leaked their whereabouts to the humans, insuring the remaining Pantheon of the Nordic region would over hear. Zeus then used himself as bait, luring Odin, and and several other Nordic Gods into the trap. Once the Norse Pantheon arrived they sounded their horns, and charged into battle to find Zeus was the only one in the area. As they grew closer to Zeus the rest of the gods emerged from the shadows and caught them by surprise. In that split second Zeus threw a large thunderbolt through Loki’s chest sending him into the Mythology Realm. Though he was not the one to land the final blow on Odin, for he was beaten by mere seconds.






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