Working on the next Expansion!

As you all may know, our original artist has stepped down. We’re now currently working on a new artist, and are using placeholder AI art until then. This will NOT be in the final game. I personally want to make that extremely transparent. We WILL be hiring an actual artist for the full expansion, and with that we are ramping up to promote the Kickstarter, and starting to work on the cards for the next expansion! Below are some of the cards we’re working on.

This expansion will come with around 5-10 of each current Mythos/Pantheon (Greek, Norse, Egyptian) and will be focusing mostly on Agnostic cards to add more game-play uniqueness to Demi! We are working on small sets such as the Necromancy set, revamping some original cards for a SECOND edition versions and bringing some new breaths of fresh air to the game!

We will be sitting down and play testing the game with hundreds of people to get their opinions on what they’d like to see added into the game, and working on making unique game play strategies, and cards that will allow for the most customization with the game!

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