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Salutation Demi Fans! I’m currently on vacation and haven’t updated the blog in a while. I can assure you we are still working on Demi! I post updates more frequently on

Nonetheless, we’re working on our first ever expansion pack! Demi is a ECG (Expandable Card Game) for those who do not know the difference between that and a TCG (Trading Card Game) we will be giving out the entire card set in a pack. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on random card packs hoping to get what you want, you will be able to see exactly what you want in our expansion packs! This way there’s no need to spend all of your hard earned money in this dire time. We will have events for exclusive foil version of cards so you will still have the collectability and card selling most people love.

This first expansion will be the Undead Arts pack! This will be the first major expansion that will offer mostly agnostic cards, which will allow you to use in every pantheon deck you choose! The dark arts will have Necromancers, Skeletons, and chalk full of Undead creatures! We will have some cards for Norse, Egyptian, and Greek, however this expansion will focus on mostly agnostic cards!

The cards shown here are placeholder cards we will have available exclusively for our kickstarter! So stay tuned for the announcement of that!

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