New Crowdfunding & Ways to Support Demi

Sadly, our kickstarter was clearly not going to raise the amount of money we’ve requested. This being said, we’ve went ahead and opened two other sources to raise money. One is a flexible funding so no matter if it makes it or not we will keep the money so we can put it into developing the game, and speeding along the games completion, to a monthly donation which will do the same for us! We have INDIEGOGO which is another crowdfunding system that allows us to keep any amount of money we earn. The second option is PATREON which is a monthly donation, that will give you monthly prizes to help us raise money monthly to afford even more content, and faster updates!

Please note, that those who donated to kickstarter, you will not be charged what so ever! Kickstarter does not take any funds until the campaign is complete, so you will not be charged for any donations you’ve made on there.

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