Mythology Update #6

Salutation Demi Fans! This week we solved the big thing we’ve been working on fixing! We’ve came up with a fix to the one sided battles, and we’re absolutely excited to inform you all on what that entails!

Prior to this update, the game seemed almost a race to play the strongest creature on the battlefield. Once this happened there was almost no way to come back from that. We then tried adding cards to counter the problem, however it only helped out temporarily, and still made the game a race for the strongest creature. We now have the change that we need in order to bring the game to it’s full potential!

We’ve added a new technique we’re currently calling it ‘Tanking’. However, we’re looking for a better name that’s more mythical we can call it. In this ‘Tanking’ if your opponent targets your monster, you can now take the damage directly. This will save your monster, however they will gain followers as if they attacked you directly. The reason behind this change is now you’re able to save creatures, and eventually save up for stronger ones. If I play a God on the battlefield before you, then chose to attack your third monster, you can now take the damage instead, allowing you to play a God on your next turn. This will allow for a more strategic type of gameplay, and remove the one sided feel of the game. Will there be one sided games, of course, however, now it will not be as predominant. We’ve played several times to ensure this is flawless, and compared to without this new ‘Tanking’ system, it’s a load better.

As for new cards, we will not have them for the next few weeks. However, this week we’re focusing on fixing up a lot of cards. We have about 10 cards right now we’re going to be fixing/changing. As of now our main focus is to balance the game even further before rolling out brand new cards.

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