Mythology Update #4

Salutations Demi fans! This is another pretty slow week, so I do apologist for that. We do not have any new cards to show, but 4 more will be coming out soon enough. I’m unable to give out specifics of when it will come out, however we are close.

This week the focus has been the same it’s been the last two weeks. We’ve been trying to create new cards to counter the one sided battles. This morning I came up with another idea that might help you out if you’re in a sticky situation.

With that being said I’m looking into making each deck geared towards something different. The Norse deck will rely mostly on removing cards from the field, and effecting hands. I.E. All cards on the field are placed in the mythology deck, or both parties place their hand in the mythology deck, and draw 5 new cards. Cards along the lines of that. Whilst Egyptian will be based off making their lower tier cards stronger. This will be done via Vayne cards. Cards such as “When a creature attacks a monster card of 3 or lower, activate this card to gain 10 power to the targeted monster for this turn” This will help even the playing field, and give you more reason to stay weary when attacking. If you have a god card on the field, it will help even the field as you might be more likely to think things through when attacking, as well as if that card is activated after you attack it will cause you to lose that high powered card. However, it’s not over powered as you can still use strategy to counter it. Such as use a power 4 monster to attack the monster, etc. The Greek deck will be a mixture of both of them, as it’s the general baseline of both decks.

Keep in mind, these changes are to the starting decks themselves. The cards we’ve removed will still be available in card packs, we’re currently working on making sure all the starter decks are well rounded, and no one is over powered at first.

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