Mythology Update #2

Salutations Demi fans! This week we were focusing on trying to get the game more balanced. However, we’re struggling with making the game less one sided whilst keeping the game’s core the same. This is why the current list of changes/improvements are a lot shorter than last weeks update.


  • Fixed the following spelling/graphic changes: Valkerie, Harpy, Sphynx, Euleusinian.
  • Changed Pyramids to make it only give yourself a bonus, rather than everyone.

Changes for the upcoming Week:

  • Swapping out Vayne/Prayer Cards to enable field deletion, hand tossing, draw cards, etc.

Field Deletion will be cards that wipe enemies cards on the battlefield. This can range from removing all creatures on the enemy field, to Prayer cards. This could give you the chance to come back from a game your enemy is clearly winning.

Hand Tossing will allow you to force the enemy to throw his/her hand to the mythology deck, or back into the Main Deck and re-draw cards. This can greatly effect your opponent by removing his/her vayne cards, unplayed prayer cards, etc.

Draw Cards will allow you to potentially help remove the one sided feel if your enemy is in the lead. This way if you do not have any cards to come back it’ll give you a chance to come back. This will allow you to either draw a Worshiper card, one of the new vayne/prayer cards, etc.

All of the future changes, I will be making today, and testing out throughout the week. Hopefully this will allow for a more back and fourth game-play.

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