Mythology Update #15

Salutations Demi Fans! Tis the 15th iteration of the Mythology Update! We have two brand new cards, some new edits to the RPG we’re making, as well as some more information on the website! This week we’re proud to tell you that we’re putting everything in overdrive and we’re going to be striving to work on more and more updates for everything Demi related!

Starting things off, I’d like to personally let everyone know that we’ll be having our first Interview with a gaming news network! They found Demi interesting enough to want to interview us on the game, we’ll give you an update on that video once it’s out. The interview itself is going to be held tomorrow, October 16th 2018! This will surely be an exciting event, and something we’re eager to experience!

Turning to the website, we’re going to be updating all the images that’s already on the website with the new and improved images we’ve edited, and updated over the course of the year as well as add all of the new cards we’ve made to the site! This will take a while to do, so don’t expect it to be updated instantly. We’re also going to have our editor look into everything on the website and ensure that the quality, grammar, spelling, etc. is complete, and has no errors. After-all it’s all made by me personally, and I’m not known for having the best at any of those :O

As for the RPG Game, we have some new places added onto the game. We’re deciding to create the full map of the world before we dive into the gameplay, and story line. This way we’re able to see what goes where, and what is better in which location, etc. I feel personally that doing it this way will be more beneficial for us in the long run, and will allow us to give you a better edition of the game! We had some people asking us why the designs look the exact same as the cards, and that’s because they are. We’re making this RPG Game simply in our spare time and we are not dedicating any resources, including money into making the game. Thus meaning that everything will be reused from our card game entirely. This is simply something small that will be made to tie everyone over until the release, and our main focus will be Demi Card Game. This being said, don’t expect a completely remade game with all new artwork, etc. It will simply be the same as the cards, just in a more RPG element versus card style gameplay!

UPDATE: Turns out all the updates mentioned above were corrupted, and we had to revert back to the original file. We’ll be remaking the rest of it, and hopefully showing off how it all looks in the next Mythology Update.

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for! We’ve came out with two new Norse Cards for the Norse Deck! The Berserker, and The Dragon!

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