Mythology Update #13


Mythology Update #13

Salutation Demi Fans! It is Friday and as we stated, we’re going to be posting an update every week. However it might not come on the same day, or time as the last one. We’re trying to shoot for every Monday, however if we don’t feel we have enough information to give you a decent post we’ll hold off until the end of the week as we did this time.


We have two new updates to inform you all about, however they’re probably not the ones you all are dying to hear. Firstly, our editor is about half way done with looking, reviewing, and updating all of the information, text, etc. on the Norse Cards. This being said, once he is done with that we will be moving onto adding the images to the cards, and in return showing you all the results, and finished new Norse Cards that will be added to the Norse Mythology Starter Deck!


As well as we’ve gained some ground with the RPG game we’re in the process of creating! We’ve added a new enemy that will be as a random encounter near any body of land. That creature is the Hydra!


We’re still working out all of the combat with the creature, however thus far it’s a formidable foe, and one that you should tread carefully when going around water. However, we will be making a lot of hidden treasure around the water area! So you’ll be forced to enter the domain if you’d like to progress your character!


We’ve also fixed the walking bug we mentioned last update, and are now currently working on adding a running animation for every class we have in the game!

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