Mythology Update #12

Salutation Demi Fans! Our second week of starting the weekly updates. We have 4 new images made and ready for the card releases. The reason we haven’t released any new cards as of now is we’re still working with our editor to ensure that all of the Norse cards are grammar free, up to date, and good to go for release. Once we have all of the Norse cards looked at and ensured that it meets the quality we want for the game we will showcase the cards! As of now here are two sneak peak images of future cards!

We have a little more images for the RPG we’re in the process of making as well. Our first area is finished, as well as the first shop in your home town. As of now we do not have any images for this as we made a little mistake and need to fix a character model glitch that happened when updating the game.

Sorry we’re keeping this short. Hopefully next week we’ll have more to show you all!

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