Mythology Update #11


Mythology Update #11


Salutation Demi Fans! We’re going to be attempting to release a weekly update from here on out. We’ve been extremely busy with countless things and have a few things we’d like to share with you all!

Firstly, we’re working on the Norse Deck. We have a few images completely finished, however we still need to go through all the Norse cards like we did with the Greek cards and update them to the current template. This being said, we should have some card releases throughout the week into next week. That being said, here’s two card images we’ve made!



Berserker, and Dragon will be the next two cards released!


As with new cards we’re also working on a small side project to tie people over until the card game is released! We’re working on a small RPG game for Demi. Though it’s not going to be a card based rpg game that we want it will be a RPG game nonetheless. With over 6 classes to chose from, your adventure will soon be able to start and hopefully tie everyone over until the release! There will be multiple options, alternative gameplay based on your decisions! Here are some PRE-ALPHA images of the game!



There’s still a lot of things we will be doing for the game, and this is strictly being worked on when we’re unable to work on Demi Card Game. Which is when the design team is still working on images.

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