Mythology Update #1

Salutations Demi fans! With the founding of Tabletop Simulator we’ve been able to play the alpha version of the card game, test out the game’s mechanics, tweak some much needed things, as well as a lot of other things we’ve needed. Every week from now on we will be pushing out updates on what we’ve added/changed/etc. Those who have pre-purchased the card game on our website, and in the future our kickstarter will be able to test the game out with us (Must have Tabletop Simulator). You can purchase the game by clicking HERE


  • Saehmir +2 to one of your creatures cards on the field.
  • Heimdall Changed Power to 2 from 4.
  • Hades now gains power per creatures in your mythology deck.
  • Change monster cards in the starter decks from 10 cards, to 13.
  • Lowered God cards in starter decks from 3 to 2.
  • Lowered Demi-God cards from 4 to 3.
  • Lowered Vayne, and Prayer cards from 5 to 4.
  • Fixed type with Valknoggr, Gram, Cupid’s Arrow, Zeus, Uraelus, Shen Ring, Cursed Tomb
  • Changed the following from all creatures to your specific creatures: High Priest,  Olympic Games, Cat, Narmer,
  • Changed Serpopard from 3 to 2.
  • Made the following text darker due to unknown text lighting: Anubis, and Harpy.
  • Updated the following images to our own images: Hydra, Hydra Token, Phoenix, Giant, and Cyclops.

Next Week’s Focus:

  • Solve the snowball effect. Meaning once a player is in the lead it is extremely difficult for the opponent to come back from it. Currently making the game monster only focused versus strategic.
  • Add Agnostic Cards to the game. These cards can be played in all decks, and will be found in all card packs. They will include stage wipes, hand tossing, and more.
  • Give cards with 3 > power effects.

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