Largest Announcement Yet!

Salutations Demi Fans! This update is by far the largest announcement we have made! We have a lot of amazing information to spill to you all from a finalized website, new forums, badges, soon to be kickstarter, and so much more! So stay calm, and read on!

We’re saving the best for last! However the next few updates are in no particular order.

As you may already know, we have finalized our 2.0 Website! We’ve changed it up, and gave it a more modern, and Card Game feel. With the newest update we’ve also updated the forums. These are now linked to the website as well. So once you register to the forums, you have access to make comments on the website as well! With the new forums also comes badges! We will be giving badges away to people for several reasons, and they will allow you to showcase the achievements you have made. On top of that, some of these badges might come with in game perks as well. From animated cards (hmm what’s that? It might be something new discussed later in this post), to card packs! Make sure to try and collect them all, as doing so will unlock something ultra rare!

Above are some of the icons for our new badges. On top of that, they’re also our discord emojis as well! We will be focusing a lot on our discord starting from our kickstarter on! If you’d like to join please do so BY CLICKING HERE

Once we’re done with the core product of our super secret hidden agenda (that could be listed below) we will be opening up a kickstarter to help raise enough money to speed along production! Our Kickstarter will come with unique and exclusive content that you will ONLY ever be able to get through the kickstarter. This means those who back the game will be able to showcase their patronage with some amazing content! This varies from unique animated cards, original artwork on cards, and much, much more!

NOW! For the moment you all have waited for!

Wait for it…

We’re turning Demi into a Free To Play, Online Trading Card Game! You heard right! An online trading card game! This means you will be able to play demi like you would any other online card game, however you now have the ability to trade cards with one another. This is a feature that is unique to Demi at this moment. On top of that, your account will be linked to your website/forum account. So by making an account on our Forums you will ensure that your username will not be taken when the game is released! We’re starting the official production later in the week and will be giving updates, videos, etc. of the progress as we progress with the game!

Seeing as this is the first we’ve mentioned the Online portion of the game, let me explain a little about the game and the online aspect of it.

Most Online Card Games, you’re required to play a LOT of games in order to receive your ‘free’ card pack. Making it free to play, and not technically Pay 2 Win, however if you have the money you’re able to speed past those that chose to play for free. With Demi we’re focusing on lowering the amount of matches you have to play to buy the card packs for free. We’re working on making it around 10 matches won. You will gain currency based on games you win, and lose. If you win, you will get significantly more than if you lose. However currency will still be gained on loss.

As for how we will fund the game, we will be focusing on cosmetics. We will have animated cards in the game. For example, Hades:

There will be fire behind him that moves, as well as Hades himself. This will make the card more valuable, as well as unique and showcases your support for the game. (Not to mention it will look bad ass) On top of that you will have an avatar in game, you will start off with either a male, female, and can chose the skin tone. There will be a few limited free things you can buy for your avatar, simple hair, simple eye color, and simple clothing. However we will be focusing on paid customization for them the most. This will be amazing outfits, unique eyes such as flaming, electric, etc. hats, as well as animated hair, etc.

We want the game to be completely free to play for those who wish to do so. However, we want enough cosmetics, and customization for those who wish to support the game to do so as well. This will allow us to continue to create new cards, add expansions, and over time create the physical cards we want. On top of all of that, the online game will allow us to edit all of the cards before we release them as a physical copy so there will never be banned cards in tournaments!

We want to be as open, and honest as we can! (Sometimes we will hide future cards, events, etc. to build the excitement and hype) So, make sure to ask all you want on our official forums! Remember! Making an account on the forums will make an account on our game once it’s finished!

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  • I just locked in the best name in the world! Can’t wait to play the game <3

    Posted December 8, 2019

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