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Since the dawn of Demi I’ve been trying to create a game play style that leaves even the most hardened card game veterans wanting more. After 3 years of game play that was good, I’ve finally found what turns it from good to EXCELLENT! Below are some amazing new updates that have come to Demi thus far!

There is now new playing mat that is indicated above. This is one of our major changes. Previously, you had the ability to place 7 prayer cards on the field, and no where for vain cards. This was added for strategic value, however, the ability to play 7 Prayer cards seemed a bit excessive. The playing area was lowered to 3, including Vain cards. This will make it so you have to chose what cards you want to place face down, and what cards shall remain in your hand. Several cards outside of the Starter Decks will come with Card & Deck abilities that will force you to discard cards in your hand, place them back in the deck, etc. This means that playing them on the field could in fact save them, or get them wiped by a field playing card.

Above that, you have the cards above the Creature section. This is simply to indicate what cards have attacked that turn, and what cards have not. Whenever you attack, you slide your card up into the red section, and this way you will not forget what cards have attacked that turn, and which cards did not. After teaching people how to play, I would find out that we both forgot which creature went, and we’d have to sit down for a little bit of time and re-go through everything to ensure we did it right. People talk during casual games, as well as when they teach and as such people tend to forget. This is here to help prevent that. It is a starting mat after all, might as well include some tricks to help speed along the teaching process.

After that was simple moving around of positions. The Titan went from being in the top left to the bottom right next to the deck. This was done to give the rest of the game mat a more symmetrical look. Same with the Mythology Deck. This was placed next to the Lost Deck. They are both discard piles after all. Might as well have them close to one another.

The card on the left indicates the old, outdated version of Demi Cards. The card on the right, is the new, and improved card. There were three separate icons showing the Greek symbol. Top left, middle, and the middle of the text at the bottom. There was no reason to have that many, the top left and the red banner is honestly enough. So, with that in mind I went ahead and made a whole new icon system to the game. This showcases what the card does in a general sense. For example, the volcano indicates a Field Effect card. Any card that does something to the entire field will be known as such. There are a lot of sub categories, and I’m still working them out, however we will have a separate card that will have all of the icons, and explains what they do. If you also look in the top right you will notice the V for Vain got removed, and replaced with an icon. This is now the official icon for Vain cards. Research shows that we can distinguish images from text easier, as well as represent an icon more-so than text. On top of that, I personally think it looks better, and in all honesty… cooler.

Another HUGE feature to our game is the ability to combine attacks! Combined Attacks means you’re now able to take two Creatures and combine them for one major attack. When you do this, everything about that card stacks onto the other. For example, if Centaur and Cyclops use their combined attack on Hercules their power equals 7, the same as Hercules. However, Centaur’s effect makes it so the if the attacking creature has equal power, that creature is destroyed instead. Therefore, Hercules would be dead. This has a huge affect on the game, as well as game play. However, keep in mind that the cards combine into one attack. Meaning, if there’s a card that would destroy one of them, all Creatures that were in the combined attack would be destroyed. This means, if you Combine an attack with a Monster, Demi-God, as well as a God for one ultimate attack. If there’s a Vain card that destroys one of those specifically, all of them are destroyed in the process. This means with each Combined Attack you have a huge risk of losing multiple creatures, and not just one. This adds some high risk, as well as high reward to the game. It also allows for one of the main goals I set for the game early on. The ability to kill high end Creatures such as Gods with mere monsters. Allowing for infinite possibilities when playing the game.

Thank you all so much for being so supportive in the development of Demi! It really means a lot to have such an outstanding community! As of now the game has been completely funded by me, however I am now asking for help to speed along the process of developing the game. If you’d like to help contribute please do so by becoming a Patron! The more I’m able to raise monthly, means the more I can progress with the development of the game, as well as increasing the time it will take to finish the game. I also have an Indiegogo campaign going on right now for some super exclusive Online/Digital perks!

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