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The first person to 20 Million Followers wins the game. The Point system is to the right on this section.


On the battlefield you can have a maximum of 5 monsters, 2 worshipers, and 7 prayer cards on your side of the battlefield at any given time. Vain cards must remain in your hand until played.

Prayer Cards cannot be played until a full turn after setting it down. Once it is placed down, you cannot move, or switch the card around the battlefield with other Prayer Cards unless directly mentioned by a card effect.

Card Effects count as anything on a Prayer, Vain, or the normal text of a Creature card.

Creature Cards count as Monster, Demi-God, and God Cards.


There are three phases when playing Demi. The first is the drawing phase


Each person must have at least 30 cards, and or a maximum of 60 cards in his/her deck, prior to starting.

First Turn:

Once both parties have the required amount of cards, both parties then draw 6 cards. If you do not like your drawn hand you may place them back into the Main Deck, Re-shuffle, and draw 5 cards.

Chose a side, Heads or Tails, and then flip a coin. The person who called it right gets the first turn.

Drawing Phase:

At the beginning of each turn, excluding the initial draw phase you draw a card from your deck and place it in your hand.

*Battlefield can also be referred to as field.*

Playing Phase:

Every turn you’re able to place one Creature card, as well as one Worshiper on the battlefield, and up to seven Prayer cards on the battlefield.

The Playing Phase is also when you’re able to activate any Prayer cards you may wish to play.
Prayer cards can be played the moment they are placed down on the battlefield, as well as can be faced down to save for another time.

Attack Phase:

When you enter the Attack Phase you cannot play anymore cards on the battlefield, nor activate any Prayer cards.

Once a Monster has been placed on the battlefield you can attack that same turn, unless it’s your first turn of the game. Demi-God, and God cards require one turn before being able to attack.

If you play a Worshiper card on the field, your other Creatures cannot be attacked until the Worshiper card is destroyed. Worshiper cards cannot attack, and are only there to block incoming damage from other Creatures.

In order to destroy a creature with another creature you must have power higher than the creature you’re attacking. If you attack a creature with power higher than yours, your creature is destroyed and sent to the Mythology Deck. You’re oponent also receives the appropriate amount of followers.


Three types of Mythology:
  • Norse
  • Egyptian
  • Greek
30-60 cards per deck. (Up to personal choice on the size in between those numbers)
Types of cards:
God Cards
 Attack +10 Requires offerings to play. 2 offering of a Demigod, 3 offering of a monster or, 1 Demi-God and 2 Monsters.
Attack 5-9. Requires offering to play. 2 offering of a monster, or 1 Demi-God.
Attack 1-4. Excluding both parties first turn, Monsters can attack the moment they are played.
Cards that help the player. Can only use on the players turn. These cards are often equip cards, Attack Bonus cards, Draw Cards, Follower Gain, Play from mythology, add defense to monsters, etc.
Cards that hurt the enemy. Can only be used on enemies turn. These cards often, lower attack, lower followers, See enemy cards, See part of deck, remove from mythology, remove defense from monsters, etc.
Field cards. Have field effects such as boosts all Egyptian monsters +1.
Defence cards. These are Creature cards that cannot attack, and can block any attack from another Creature.
Types of Decks:
Main Deck: This is where all your undrawn cards remain.
Mythology Deck: This is where all cards that have been used, or destroyed goes. These cards are no longer being worshiped and are known as Mythology. The only thing that can bring these cards back into existence are Prayer cards.
Lost Deck: These cards have been banished, and removed from all text using Vain Cards. These cards are no longer ever allowed to be played again during the battle.


Start with 0 Followers. In order to win you have to have 20M (Million) followers. You can lose followers by using Vain Cards, as well as card effect cards.
God Cards:
God kill God +2m
God Kill Demi-god +1m
God Kill Monster +1m
Demigod Cards:
Kill God +2m
Kill Demi +1m
Kill Monster +1m
Monster Cards:
Kill God +3m
Kill Demi +2m
Kill Monster +1m
Direct Attack:
God: +4m
Demi +3m
Monster +2m
Worshiper Card:
God: +1m
Demi: +1m
Monster: +1m
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