Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, a place humans go when they depart from the land of the living. He rarely leaves the underworld, however, one of the few times he did he abducted Persephone which caused Demeter, Persephone’s daughter to because distraught. Because of this, Demeter entered into a great depression causing the earth to ice over. Zeus stepped in and forced Hades to give up Persephone. Before he released Persephone he convinced her to eat a Pomegranate Seed in which caused her to be bound to the underworld, and more importantly to him. A third of every year Persephone returns to Hades, thus creating winter every year.


In the last victory of the Greek Pantheon, Hades played a huge role in earning the “Followers” of the human population. He promised that he would remove all of the creatures that were summoned during the war once they won. A feat that automatically happened regardless of what Pantheon won. With that promise more and more of the population turned over to the Greek’s side, and fought alongside the Greek Creatures! In the final battle that determined the winning side, it was Hades’ right hand Worshiper, Cerberus that distracted Odin enough for Ares to thrust his spear into Odin, dealing the final, and fatal blow.











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