Xyphien here!


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Jan 22, 2019
Tis I! Xyphien, the lead Developer and owner of Demi Card Game! I created Demi originally just for myself and my friends. I had a vision of making a mythology based card game in which you have to battle each other to see which mythology is the best. Throughout my time I've learned that more, and more people were interested in Demi, and I decided to go ahead and make the card game official, and create professional, and completely balanced cards.

Since then I have finished up all of the cards in the Greek Mythology Starter Deck, as well as about half of the Norse Mythology Starter Deck. The game has been 100% self funded by my own personal funds, which is why production is slow. However, I am planning on making the card game using my own funds if no one else wishes to help fund it with donations, and other means. This is because I have a personal interest in the card game, and I originally made it for myself. This means that no matter what happens the game will be funded, and will always be funded. Though because it is self funded the development will be highly slower than most other card games, and projects in general.

If you are interested in helping to support the game, you can do so by becoming a VIP member here by clicking https://demicardgame.com/forum/index.php?account/upgrades OR you can simply donate via https://paypal.me/Xyphien