Quarantine Sale!

Salutations Demi Fans! It may be a little more boring for those stuck at home during this quaranteen. We, at Demi Card Game would like to let you all know we’re having a discount right now for the game so you’re…

Huge Updates

Since the dawn of Demi I’ve been trying to create a game play style that leaves even the most hardened card game veterans wanting more. After 3 years of game play that was good, I’ve finally found what turns it from…

Referral Information

Our referral system works by the amount of people you invite to register on the forums / play the game. For every person you successfully refer, you will get one plus referral. Once you’ve received enough you will receive an automatic…

Largest Announcement Yet!

Salutations Demi Fans! This update is by far the largest announcement we have made! We have a lot of amazing information to spill to you all from a finalized website, new forums, badges, soon to be kickstarter, and so much more!…

Mythology Update #15

Salutations Demi Fans! Tis the 15th iteration of the Mythology Update! We have two brand new cards, some new edits to the RPG we’re making, as well as some more information on the website! This week we’re proud to tell you…

Mythology Update #14

Salutations Demi Fans! We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked everything out, and are back to making and updating cards! To start things off we’ve added two new Demi-God Cards to the list of finished cards! Skadi, and Ymir have been…

Mythology Update #13

Salutation Demi Fans! It is Friday and as we stated, we’re going to be posting an update every week. However it might not come on the same day, or time as the last one. We’re trying to shoot for every Monday,…

Mythology Update #12

Salutation Demi Fans! Our second week of starting the weekly updates. We have 4 new images made and ready for the card releases. The reason we haven’t released any new cards as of now is we’re still working with our editor…






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