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Mythology Update #15

Salutations Demi Fans! Tis the 15th iteration of the Mythology Update! We have two brand new cards, some new edits to the RPG we’re making, as well as some more information on the website! This week we’re proud to tell […]


Mythology Update #10

  Salutation Demi Fans! We’ve got the ball rolling now, and have recently started to pump out cards at an increasing rate! In the last 2 weeks we’ve added four cards, and we’re trying to keep it up that way […]


Mythology Update #9

  Salutation Demi Fans! Today we got some good news! In the next month we’re going to be adding a lot of new things to the website, as well as putting out a decent bit more cards than usual! The […]


We’re Live!

Hello mythologists! Today we’re proud to come out with a live website. Keep in mind that the site is still under development, and has a long ways to go. However, now we’re able to give you enough content to view, […]