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Mythology Update #6

Salutation Demi Fans! This week we solved the big thing we’ve been working on fixing! We’ve came up with a fix to the one sided battles, and we’re absolutely excited to inform you all on what that entails! Prior to this…

Mythology Update #5

Salutations Demi Fans! We still do not have any new official designs to bring you for our cards, however we do have some new cards, and updates to bring you! Firstly, we went through and made changes to two cards. A…

Mythology Update #4

Salutations Demi fans! This is another pretty slow week, so I do apologist for that. We do not have any new cards to show, but 4 more will be coming out soon enough. I’m unable to give out specifics of when…

Mythology Update #3

Salutations Demi fans! We haven’t had much progress with changing the gameplay too much, however we have made a few cards that we’re still working on testing out prior to announcing them. We should have 4 more published cards made by,…

Mythology Update #2

Salutations Demi fans! This week we were focusing on trying to get the game more balanced. However, we’re struggling with making the game less one sided whilst keeping the game’s core the same. This is why the current list of changes/improvements…

Mythology Update #1

Salutations Demi fans! With the founding of Tabletop Simulator we’ve been able to play the alpha version of the card game, test out the game’s mechanics, tweak some much needed things, as well as a lot of other things we’ve needed.…











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