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Mythology Update #14

Salutations Demi Fans! We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked everything out, and are back to making and updating cards! To start things off we’ve added two new Demi-God Cards to the list of finished cards! Skadi, and Ymir have been…

Mythology Update #13

Salutation Demi Fans! It is Friday and as we stated, we’re going to be posting an update every week. However it might not come on the same day, or time as the last one. We’re trying to shoot for every Monday,…

Mythology Update #12

Salutation Demi Fans! Our second week of starting the weekly updates. We have 4 new images made and ready for the card releases. The reason we haven’t released any new cards as of now is we’re still working with our editor…

Mythology Update #11

Salutation Demi Fans! We’re going to be attempting to release a weekly update from here on out. We’ve been extremely busy with countless things and have a few things we’d like to share with you all! Firstly, we’re working on the…

Mythology Update #10

Salutation Demi Fans! We’ve got the ball rolling now, and have recently started to pump out cards at an increasing rate! In the last 2 weeks we’ve added four cards, and we’re trying to keep it up that way for the…

Mythology Update #9

Salutation Demi Fans! Today we got some good news! In the next month we’re going to be adding a lot of new things to the website, as well as putting out a decent bit more cards than usual! The upcoming events…

Mythology Update #8

Salutation Demi Fans! If you’ve noticed we haven’t had an update in a little while, we’ve decided to focus on making updates when several major things have happened with the game. For this update we’re introducing two new, finished cards as…

Mythology Update #7

Salutation Demi Fans! This week we’ve focused primarily on updating cards in our starter decks. These range from grammatical errors, to rewording cards. Removed:Greek: Olympics Cupid’s Arrow Hades Redemption Norse: Falcons Cloak Text Change: Eudaemons – Change text Cronus – All…

Mythology Update #6

Salutation Demi Fans! This week we solved the big thing we’ve been working on fixing! We’ve came up with a fix to the one sided battles, and we’re absolutely excited to inform you all on what that entails! Prior to this…











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