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The concept of Demi started after the owner, Chaun Farmer realized he only really liked the first generation of card games. The fact that every expansion, update, etc. on most games, card games, etc. changed the main core of the game, added a ton of extra features and made the original cards almost useless to use in modern decks he decided to create a card game in which every new expansion would add more cards, new gameplay, without adding over powered cards. This way, the first, original cards collected would still be viable years down the road.

Demi is a mythology based card game in which you control a deck of cards in the mythology of your choice, off the bat the mythologies are Greek, Norse, and Egyptian. With every victory you bring followers to your gods of choice, and will potentially help them rule the next era of mankind.

About the Owner

In 2014, Chaun farmer joined the military where he spent the next four years before getting medically discharge due to an injury that occurred down range. In those four years he started to work on his passion and formed the concept of Demi with his lead graphical designer Matt Bulahao. There they began to create the first concept of the Greek deck, and started to polish the game. Throughout the years, it has became more and more developed, however this section isn't about the card game, it's about Chaun Farmer, and his story.

From his childhood Mr. Farmer was an avid card game enthusiast, as well as a long term gamer. He spent his time either playing card games, video games, or creating websites and helping out communities. From game giveaway websites like GameHandout, to RPG Maker websites such as rpgmakermv.co (now known as Xyphien.com) Chaun's online name is Xyphien and you can find out more about him by visiting his personal website of Xyphien.com or his company of XyphienLLC.com


Lead Developer namusanga has been a Full Time Remote Developer for the last 4 years, he has developed a large amount of experience working on high-end professional game projects like Dawn Of Whiteland, as well indie mobile projects with Pixel Drop Studios. And now he uses this experience to work closely with me on the technical areas of Developing the Digital Version of Demi Card Game.
He shamelessly admits that even he doesn't fully grasp some of the complex gameplay concepts of the Demi Card Game, but that's exactly what makes the game special!!, nevertheless, he is devoted to active Development of the game and works continuously to bring the Gods of Demi to their true resolution. More information Visit his website

About the Lead Artist

Matt Bulahao was originally found, and hired as an artist from Deviantart. He requested to be apart of the team, and was the first person to work on the game that wasn't the Owner. He is the only artist on Demi Card Game, and the team doesn't have any plans to change that any time soon. Matt was originally a freelancer that gave up freelancing for the few clients he works for. Demi, being one of them. Keeping him as the only artist ensures that the art style never changes, and looks the same throughout the lifetime of the game. Matt goes by the online name of Skaya3000, and you can find his Deviant Art page HERE


No one knows when the gods of the Grand Pantheons first revealed themselves to man, but it must have happened in the time before history or the time even before that, when across the world the gods showed themselves to Man and taught him how to be something more than a mere animal. What is known from the arachnological record, however, is that it was the Egyptian Pantheon that first established a great stronghold on earth in the land of Kemet. For a thousand years the gods of Kemet and the sun-drenched men who served them grew in power to become the most sophisticated civilization in the arts of Science and of Building and of War. Perhaps it seemed then to both gods and pharaohs that they were destined to rule above and below for all eternity. But unbeknownst to them, the gods of the Greek Pantheon were full of cleverness and guile, they were beginning to teach their secret arts in the dark sanctuaries and sacred groves of Hellas. And so, in time the power of Hellas grew at length to rival the power of Kemet and again war erupted among the Grand Pantheons and among the nations of the earth. The priests and magi of the Egyptians called forth ghouls and monsters from the netherworld while the oracles and sages of Hellas summoned wondrous beasts and the sons of gods to wage battle on the land of Kemet, As they forged the age in terror and glory, both sides strove for supremacy, yet the fortune of gods and men was far more subtle than any could then see.

From the far cold fortresses of the frozen lands to which they had been exiled since the first celestial ages, the gods of the Norse Pantheon watched as the Greeks gained the upper hand over the Egyptians and drove their gods from the temples and high places of Kemet. The Norse saw too the wearying toll that the struggle had taken on Zeus, his family and the whole of Hellas. The power of Zeus, though formidably great, could not hold out forever, and the Norse gods were accustomed to the bitter torment of waiting through the endless winter; they were bitter but abiding in their patience for the proper moment to begin their machinations among men.

It seemed harmless at first, and so the gods of the Greek Pantheon had paid no heed. For what trouble could a few simple runes cause? They looked to be hardly more than wild chicken scratches in comparison to the penetrating light of Apollo or the unfathomable wisdom of Athena. And yet, through these runes, Odin began to impart the Great Wisdom, which he had acquired with enormous sacrifice, to the Men of the North, who grew stronger with each day. Just as the Greeks had been weakened by their victory, the Northmen had been strengthened by their hardship, and before long they had taken their swords and axes and spilled blood from the savage lands of the Far West and all the way to the eastern Kingdom of Rus so that they might do honor to their gods.

But even the blood-rich power of the Norse gods was doomed to fade at the close of of that age, for this is the nature of the world. Little is known what happened when the gods withdraw from the earth in the twilight between the ages. Perhaps they rest and dream. Perhaps they seethe and plot. Whatever their wont, not one god among Grand Pantheons could have foreseen what awaited them at the outset of the strange age that was to come. They returned to find themselves in a world in which children were taught to view the gods as myths, as historical curiosities, as mere trivia. There were only a scattered handful of men who still held them in honor, yet even these few had lost the old ways and proper worship. Not one of the sacred rites had survived intact and without the rites, neither gods nor men could properly wield their power. Every passing day left the Pantheons further from the energy that sustained their being on this plane. It seemed that this age was to be the last for all the elder gods who had once lifted man from the utter darkness in which he had dwelt in the most ancient days.

When they realized this, each Pantheon imbued a set of cards with the divine power that remained from the memory of their sacred rites. These artifacts had the power to summon all manner of beasts and monsters, even the gods themselves depending on their inscriptions. Then each Pantheon selected from its number an emissary to bestow these cards upon its faithful worshipers and to teach the hallowed secrets of their use. As these arcane cards spread across the earth, so would the power of the gods grow in proportion.

What you have before you is just such a set of cards. Devotion and skill are needed to deploy them to the greatest advantage for your gods. The Greek, the Norse, the Egyptian gods, all have known the honeyed taste of victory and all have tasted the bitter nettle of defeat. Now you must do all that you can for your gods. You must use every kind of cunning and ruse. You must give everything of yourself so that once more your gods may have divine rule over the age!

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