Mythology Update #3


Mythology Update #3


Salutations Demi fans! We haven’t had much progress with changing the gameplay too much, however we have made a few cards that we’re still working on testing out prior to announcing them. We should have 4 more published cards made by, hopefully Mythology Update #4.


Because of all of this, we haven’t had any cards we’ve updated, changed, etc. We are in the process of removing some cards from the starter  decks, and replacing them with the cards we’re in the process of creating, however we do not have those cards fully made yet for testing purposes. This means that this update is probably one of the smallest updates, as we do not have any hard changes to the game.


We currently have a few cards that will be added to the Greek Deck, and now our focus will be to create the Egyptian, and Norse cards to hopefully bring more balance to the game.


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