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Demi is a trading card game based off of mythology. Currently possessing three forms of mythology, Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. The object of each round is to gain 20 million followers.


Basic Lore: Every thousands of years the gods come down, and use humans as a way to gain power. Back in the time of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse these great civilizations were formed to follow each faction of the gods. Every thousand years the gods have to find ways to improve on the game to meet with the modern expectation. In the era of the Norse, Egyptians, and Greeks they used their actual creatures, and showed themselves face to face to form trusting relationships, and followers. Coming down to earth in modern times they've found that a vast amount of individuals follow a singular god, most others do not believe any gods exist at all. Humans have also adapted from primitive fighting, and relying on gods to wars behind computers, and simulated wars through games. The gods then found a small group who still follows and worships the elden gods. Through that they granted them enough fortune to create a Card Game, without anyone knowing these games simulated the wars with one another, and the faction the humans would chose dictated which gods gained power. The followers of each faction joined with one another in order to promote, and get the card game out to the general public. Their success of the new card game will dictate the future of the world.

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